Bodybuilding Nutritional Myths

You happen to hear sometimes  all sorts of rumors about nutrition, rumours that make us wonder about the way that we eat. Various questions are on the lips of those concerned with nutrition and silhouette: it is good to adopt a diet without fat, we lose weight easier if we give up one meal, peel is rich in vitamins … Is that really so? 

The peel of a fruit is the richest in vitamins?

FALSE:  vitamins and other nutrients are found in maximum concentration in flesh. That does not mean you have to throw the peel. Its fibers serve as intestinal stimulus, and a diet containing fibers can help prevent constipation. Fruit is essential for bodybuilding.

If we need calcium, is it enough to eat dairy products?

FALSE: It is true that dairy products are an important source of calcium. But to reap the benefits of calcium, you should avoid eating dairy foods in combination with: 

Tomatoes, spinach or berries. They contain oxalic acid, which, in combination with dairy, form calcium oxalate,  favoring the formation of so-called “kidney stones”;High-fiber cereals and legumes. These contain fitic acid and such combinations lead to the formation of calcium phytate, which  eliminate calcium from the intestine, thus depriving the body of precious minerals.Vegetarian diet has no contraindications?

FALSE: It is true that vegetarian diet reduces the risk for many serious diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity). However, eating vegetarian food, if not balanced, may lead to deficiencies of calcium, iron, vitamin B 12 and D. If these vitamins and minerals are missing and are not compensated  by dietary supplements,  they will have serious consequences on health, particularly among children, pregnant women, people with intense physical activity or chronic.

Should we avoid all the foods that contain fat?

FALSE: The decision to eliminate all fat from food is wrong. Fats are a group of nutrients that should not miss the daily diet because they improve the taste of food, but , even more, they give the body the nutritional intake that is needed. Fats are an important source of energy and help to assimilate the vitamins A, D, E, K in food.

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Do we lose weight easier if we skip the breakfast?

FALSE: Scientific studies have shown that the risk of obesity is higher among those who avoid having breakfast, because they will eat foods in larger quantities in the second half of the day, when their bodies do not burn so many calories.

Eating healthy is less tasty and not as diverse?

FALSE: It is true that there are certain types of food that we should avoid, but a balanced diet is based primarily on variation precisely. No need to remove food that you like from the menu, but also don’t let that be the only thing you eat. It is known that excess of any nature, leads to imbalance.

A change for the better  regarding eating habits involves experimentation with new recipes, and often consumption of  vegetables and fruits. You should not eat only veggies, but you should not make a habit of enjoying the so-called “junk food”, also. With a bit of imagination and effort, there can be a delight to every meal.

We need a large amount of protein to develop muscle mass?

FALSE: To develop your muscles you need to exercise, not to eat foods rich in protein. An excess of protein will be digested and converted to body fat, not muscle. Furthermore,the  excess of proteins in the form of food or supplements, can overwhelm the kidneys and may increase the need for water in the body.


Avoiding a meal helps us lose weight?

FALSE:  This option favors just accumulating more pounds. Depriving the body of its nutrition creates a state of alert. You will do nothing but eat more than the next meal. Rather than starving yourself, it is better to eat less at one meal, but more often. Grab your quest bar coupons here and never miss another meal. 

CONCLUSION? There are many misconceptions related to nutrition. It is important to be  informed and to distinguish between truths and myths to make choices for our bodies.

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