How to Jumpstart your Car

How to Jumpstart your Car

Check the life of the battery

It is crucial to perform regular check-ups of your battery not only when the winter comes. It is recommended to test your battery every six months. You can make a simple test on your own to find whether your battery is dead. You can measure the voltage with a so-called “multimeter”. Charged batteries ought to display 12.6 volts. In case, the engine is running the multimeter ought to detect between 13.7 and 14.7 volts. If you face some problems measuring it on your own, then you can ask for assistance at the nearest service centre.

Use jumper cables

Perhaps most of you have experienced the following scenario – you are running totally out of time, get into the car and then find out that you have a dead battery. The reasons could be quite complex but unfortunately, car batteries do not indicate potential problems. It is important to take preliminary measures and acquire the proper pair of jumper cables. You can read the following steps on how to use jumper cables:

  • determine the positive and negative posts. Remove the terminals. Usually the positive is red;
  • take your jumper cables and connect the red clamp to the positive post of the battery. You should be aware that it is strongly connected. Then repeat the action with the negatives;
  • after a few minutes, your battery should be partially charged to go on;
  • visit the nearest service to inspect additionally your battery.

How to jumpstart a car without cables

In fact, you can jumpstart your car without cables. The following method is applied only for cars with manual transmission:

  • You should locate the vehicle at the top of the hill or just ask for help. All you need is pushing the car;
  • press the clutch;
  • shift into second gear;
  • turn on ignition without starting the engine;
  • keep pressing the clutch and leave your foot out of the brakes;
  • leave your foot out of the clutch rapidly when you reach 8-10 km/h.

If you still face some problems starting the engine, then read carefully your car’s manual or guide. You should resolve all running problems on time. Jumpistartng your car without a cable is not an easy task to perform though.

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