Requirements for all Tyres

Requirements for all Tyres


It does not really matter what type of tyres you are currently using – low resistance, high-speed, top performance. It is essential to stick to some basic recommendations for keeping them in a safe condition as long as possible. In the following paragraphs, you will find useful tips and information on how to treat right your tyres in order to skip an urgent replacement.

Replacement tyres

It is recommended replacing all four tyres at once. If you had properly rotated them on every six months, then the wear would have been spread equally to the whole surface of the four tyres. Unfortunately, most of the drivers neglect to perform that action and as a consequence, the front axle tyres are usually double as worn compared to the back. If you somehow need to replace only one of them due to a sudden blow-out, or two of the set due to premature wear, then try to find exactly the same type, size and brand.

Tyre placards

For nearly half a century all vehicles have been equipped with a so-called “tyre placard”. It is normally placed in the driver’s door, glove compartment or the tank cap. The placard reveals information about the specifications about the tyre and wheel combinations suggested on behalf of the car producers. You can find information as well for the advisory pressure, weight capacity and speed rating. Moreover, on the placard, there is available info for the proper type of tyre for your vehicle (low resistance, high-speed, performance). It is recommended abiding the manufacturer’s preferences for your personal safety.

Keeping your tyres safe

In order to keep your tyres safe, take a quick look at the grooves of your tyres each time you head to your vehicle for the presence of blisters, bulges, nails or tiny rocks. It is your responsibility to take care of your tyres unless you do not want to replace them sooner than expected. In case you want to secure high resistance durability and optimal performance, keep your tyres safe and properly inflated. You can look for time to time for the presence of uneven wear as well.

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