What you Need to Know When Buying New Tyres

What you Need to Know When Buying New Tyres

How much should I pay for new tyres

The price range is so wide that you can buy a new set of tyres for 150 dollars but you can spend more than 1000 dollars. It all depends on the brand, model, size and type of tyre and your personal needs ultimately. It is essential to set an initial budget that will be destined only for the purpose. Then make your own research and compare the prices in the nearest shops. Afterwards, you can look for new tyres for your car online and finally choose and get a decision. Our recommendation is to invest a serious amount of money in a brand model. Initially, it may seem too expensive and extravagant decision to take but it will prove its worth with time by providing you long-endurance, better comfort and safety. So, perceive it more as an investment in profitable assets rather than buying expensive tyres for your car.

What about cheap tyres

Cheap alternatives always seem attractive but are they the most reasonable choice after all? Ok, it is a fact that you can buy part-worn tyres and save some money. But their lifespan is unknown and perhaps much shorter than the seller’s strong conviction. It is a better decision to look for a brand that offers new tyres at low prices. At least they will be new and with a guarantee for usage. Although we would not do compromises and save 20 dollars in order to miss that lucrative offer for brand new Michelins in the nearest shop. So, cheap could be expensive ultimately. Remember that choosing an expensive brand model will pay its price with time.

What is the writing on the side of the tyre

Perhaps most of us get shocked when they have a look at the elaborate set of hieroglyphs located on the sidewall of the tyre. Do not worry, we will provide you with the most essential information you need to know when buying new tyres. The code is presented that way –
P205 75R16 75H S:

  • “P205” – “P” refers to a passenger car, “215” is the width presented in millimetres;
  • “75R16” – a ratio of height to width, “R16” refers to the diameter of the rims;
  • “75H” – load index (75) and speed rating (H);
  • “S” – the tyre is suitable for snow conditions.

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